Sourcing For Packaging & Chemicals

Product sourcing is a critical part of any successful product manufacturing business. U.S. Continental has established a list of premier raw and all-natural materials sourcing for packaging and many more applications, allowing us to fully develop your products with only the best materials available. 

Best Product Sourcing

We work with only the best packaging and chemical sourcing partners, and we don’t stop at national borders. Our list of sourcing partners includes domestic and internationally-based wholesalers, because quality ― not source location ― should always come first. 


We don’t stick to one source per material. Every manufacturer should have a plan A and plan B for product sourcing. Things can happen that disrupt the supply chain, making it important to have a backup. This is why we’ve built a comprehensive sourcing strategy that lets you maximize profits by presenting options to ensure that your products are completed to your satisfaction and on schedule.


Evaluating Product Sources

Each of our partners involved in sourcing for packaging materials and chemicals is put through a rigorous vetting process. We confirm that they are registered wholesale businesses. We also look at experience, company values, material storage options, and customer reviews. By forming great relationships with our sourcing partners, we guarantee competitive pricing on the best options available.

Contact us today to connect with the best sources for your prized products!  

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