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How Birkenstock Still Dominates

Long-Lasting Styles & Quality Shoe Care Products: Birkenstock’s Formula For Success

The iconic German footwear brand, Birkenstock, has been in the business for over 240 years, and they’re still dominating the footwear industry. Their sandals, which are renowned for their orthopedic support, have been a wellness staple for years--but lately, Birkenstock has become revered as much more than a healthful footwear brand.

Even as they’ve continued to find success in the wellness market, Birkenstock has seen a surge in popularity among the biggest names in the high fashion industry. They’re worn on runways, praised by high-profile retailers, and sported by celebrities. Why? Because they exude unadulterated excellence, and everyone needs a pair of shoes that will make them look and feel great. Here are a few of the main reasons why Birkenstock still dominates:

Craftsmanship That Speaks for Itself

Each pair of Birkenstocks is a testament to the fine art of shoemaking, and wearing a pair of Birks shows that not only do you appreciate fine workmanship and quality, but that you also care about your body. While other shoes may sacrifice comfort to achieve a certain look, consumers don’t have to feign contentment in a pair of Birkenstocks. They’re comfortable, stylish, and true to their purpose; they don’t need extra frills and endorsements to be considered a great pair of shoes, they just are.


Another reason Birkenstock has been so successful over the years is their commitment to longevity. While other shoe companies rely on frequent purchases to increase revenue, Birkenstocks are designed to last. They are meant to be a staple in your wardrobe, not a statement piece that you need to replace with the changing seasons.

To honor this commitment to longevity, Birkenstock has partnered with our experts at U.S. Continental to create exclusive, high-quality shoe care products that will extend the life of Birks and maximize their value. Our Birkenstock Care Kit has everything consumers need to remove dirt, stains, and odor, while protecting their Birks for future wear and tear. With these quality shoe care products on hand, consumers can keep their favorite pair of shoes in commision for much longer.

Value Strengthens Bonds

When consumers feel valued, it builds loyalty, and by providing consumers with authentic, high quality shoes and shoe care products, Birkenstock has successfully strengthened the bond between consumer and brand. They don’t need to seek out celebrity endorsements and spend big bucks on marketing endeavors in order to sell their shoes; they can let their happy customers spread the word--and they are.

They Stay True to Their Roots

Even as Birkenstock evolves, launches new products (a skincare line and a wellness-inspired line of mattresses) and embraces their creativity in new endeavors, they never forget their roots. They have the same values and ideas across all platforms, and uphold the same commitment to quality and wellness with all of their products. Birkenstock still dominates because it’s a name you can rely on. It symbolizes something far more than a comfortable, well-crafted pair of shoes; it’s a lifestyle.

Birkenstock Quality Shoe Care Products at U.S. Continental

At U.S. Continental, we’re a proud CARE partner to Birkenstock, and our assortment of quality shoe care products are specifically designed to protect and preserve the integrity of Birkenstocks. Our manufacturing takes place in the heart of California, where we adhere to some of the strictest manufacturing regulations in the world. We distribute our Birkenstock Care Kits to distribution centers, retailers, wholesalers, and end users all over the world. For more information about our care products, feel free to contact us today.

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