Full Service

Commercial Packaging & Private Label Care Product Services

Complete care demands a complete set of solutions. That’s why leading franchise brands trust U.S. Continental to provide a full range of services to keep their products in demand.

U.S. Continental is the premier developer of commercial packaging solutions and private label care products. We offer a range of product development services and manufacturing options that capture your brand’s best qualities and feature them in ways that revolutionize the way your customers engage with your products.


Our distribution facility is equipped to ship anywhere in the world. We routinely ship EDI-auto-replenishment to the world’s largest retailers.


Service That Drives Results

We use exceptional service to drive great results and our commitment to quality products and customer care is why our clients keep returning. By using our private label care products and commercial packaging services, you take advantage of our comprehensive service offerings, including:

  • Customized contemporary designs
  • An extensive list of raw and wholesale material sourcing partners
  • Cost-efficient product development
  • Competitive pricing
  • Certified sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing facilities
  • Modern technology and streamlined delivery options
  • 24/7 customer service and swift client support
  • Product care training
  • Decades of experience and functional knowledge

Premium Packaging Solutions

When you partner with U.S. Continental, you partner with the best. When consumers enter the store, we aim for yours to be the brand that catches their eye. We offer commercial packaging solutions that stimulate sales. Just call one of our experienced, friendly customer service representatives to receive information about our various options.

Contact us today and let us help redefine and revolutionize the way your brand reaches customers worldwide.

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