Nurish Your Brand with U.S. Continental

Why Care?

If you work for a brand, no one will care about your brand as much as you do. It’s proven that consumers elect to purchase products from certain brands because those brands speak to an emotional need or desire. It begs the question, are customers really loyal? I believe the vast majority are retained by brands until another brand comes along stealing that consumer’s attention. We might say we’re loyal customers, but an HBR blog some years ago convincingly suggested that every consumer possesses “wallet share” that will often be spent on competing brands. 

In this heavily promotional, omni-channel retail environment, there are opposing forces at play driving a wedge between brands and consumers. First, brick and mortar retail has mostly failed (exceptions are Apple, Nike, etc.) to create the theater experience the trade has been recommending for years. Retail traffic is down for which retail predictably (albeit irrationally) responds with heavy discounts to acquire customers or encourage more frequent consumption. The competing force is the DIY (do it yourself) nature of the next generation of consumers that seems to be rejecting the consumerism of the last decade. This new generation is interested in buying better quality products and taking care of them. This consumer is looking to influencers on You Tube for “how to” inspiration when it comes to dressing, fixing, making, doing, etc. 

So this brings me to why it’s critical that brands start caring. Not only is product care unexpected revenue and profitably in this difficult retail environment, it’s an even greater opportunity to deepen your consumer’s connection to your brand. In the eyes of the consumer, your brand’s product is worthy of your brand’s care. If designed with your brands’ lens and well merchandized in display worthy packaging, there’s no reason that you won’t see an increase in UPT (units per transaction), ASP (average selling price), and enhanced profit margin. Most importantly, your brand will remain top-of-mind as your consumer cares for your product with product care developed specifically for your brand's signature materials. 

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